Government restrictions have made existing work extremely challenging for The Gen Foundation. Follow up with vulnerable and marginalized individuals is taking place by phone and Whats App. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting with community groups continues using mobile and internet technology.

The Gen Foundation is extremely well placed to reach vulnerable groups and high-risk groups including (a) Turkana population at risk because of their migration habits in search of pasture, lack of information and limited access to clean water (b) people living with HIV, with limited access to treatment and healthy meals (c) Empowering the widows And Elderly through cash transfers and food aid transfer program.

Turkana Dancing during the August ceremonies at The Tobong Loree Cultural Center.

Our team in Turkana has developed Programmes to stop the spread of COVID-19. Fundraising appeals is hereby made to support the following activities:

• Information – developing posters and leaflets in local languages for health workers and at key locations such as health centers and water points.
• hand washing – The Gen Foundation will make and provide ‘Recycled plastic tins fitted with a tap’ and soap dispensers to be distributed in the community, providing essential access to soap and water for many.
• empowering communities – By observing government directive and  advice, The Gen Foundation  will provide basic training to community representatives to pass on key information on health and hygiene.
• supporting vulnerable households – providing the most vulnerable households with essential hygienic packs and food packages.

The Gen Foundation COVID 19 WASH and Hygiene through Hand washing with sanitizer and soap station.


  • Providing education in the production of high-value nutritious crops, protein supplementation, water saving and improved agriculture techniques.
  • Supporting households and the larger community in developing skills and knowledge to improve their nutrition through the establishment of individual and community/group organic kitchen gardens using water saving and improved agricultural techniques to produce a variety of both indigenous and exotic crops.
  • Developing knowledge in cereal banking with the aim of helping groups maximize the production and storage of nutritional supplements to safeguard against drought seasons and exploitation by middlemen.
  • Training and developing individuals and community groups in animal husbandry (including poultry; goats; rabbits), to ensure adequate protein supplementation for community households.
  • Our start-up packages provide seeds, tools and livestock for small farms – poultry and goats, etc.
  • By training people in the effective use of stove liners to reduce firewood collection, optimized fuel consumption and improved hygiene and safety in kitchens, we are making a significant contribution to the enhanced health and well-being of all community members.

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is a key cornerstone of our approach to providing sustainable long-term solutions, which will truly endure. By helping people gain the skills and experience they need to secure economic independence, we are permanently breaking the cycle of dependency that has for so long robbed individuals and communities of the chance to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

  • We work with communities, groups and individuals to provide training, education and on-going support across a variety of areas within the remit of Economic Empowerment.
  • We help to facilitate the development of micro-enterprises (eg. agriculture, agribusiness) through the provision of start-up finance, materials (e.g. goats, poultry, mills) and business training.
  • We provide training on proposal writing, fundraising and marketing, connecting groups with suitable markets for their produce and skills.
  • We expand and extend project management skills and entrepreneurship through the provision of training in financial resource management and the establishment of revolving community funds.
  • We also identify and engage other sources of long-term funding and support and we train community groups in how to access funds and grants to the best effect and with greatest relevance and benefit to the community.
Women in Covid 19 Social distancing sensitization

people across the globe are impacted by COVID19, mothers and daughters, women and girls are feeling the effects more deeply. They are the majority of caregivers, of healthcare providers, and of essential workers. They are the students most at risk of never returning to the classroom. We can’t let gender equity and girls’ education be a victim of this pandemic.

At The Gen Foundation we work tirelessly to create a future where girls thrive with boundless possibilities. This The GEN Foundation’s Day, we hope you will honor the marginalized and vulnerable everywhere with a donation to The Gen Foundation. Simply let us know who to notify of your gift and Girl Rising will gratefully let your the beneficiaries or another important needy in your life know a donation was made in her honor. Your gift to The Gen Foundation rising supports the many ways we are responding to this pandemic with our local program partners. Join us in this

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