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Another summer of community development, empowerment, Cleaning and Greening fun is in our rural marginalized community. To recap another summer session full of learning, new skills and hard work, we pulled together some quick highlights for this year.

Each summer, the Feeding and Empowering marginalized program welcomes a new group of volunteers to a summer of service in our nation’s most beautiful and iconic landscapes. In addition to that Volunteers will have an opportunity in learning about the natural forces that have shaped the biodiversity of our national parks, volunteers stay overnight in park facilities and work alongside rangers to improve wildlife habitat and clean up public access points like trail heads and campgrounds.

2020 Program Highlights

  • It was an eventful year for the Economic Empowering and strengthening Program.
  • We had a record-breaking 83 participants in the program this summer.
  • We kicked off the summer with a program-with orientation and training in Lodwar,Turkana attended by over 80 volunteers.
  • For the first time, we offered an Organic Food Banking and Value Chain in Lodwar.
  • Our volunteers visited 43 support groups in the community and performed maintenance and upkeep tasks at over 20 Schools.
  • We welcomed six guest speakers to each participating in the training, including a team of retirees and past community Mobilizers.

Thanks to all who participated during this year in our summer volunteer programs! We can’t wait for next summer you are always welcomed for spring,winter or autumn seasons since our volunteer programs run year round.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Cleaning and Greening program or would like to sign up for next summer, give David a call at (254) 700-536050 or email him at goldeneaglenetworkfoundation@gmail.com.

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