The Gen Foundation

Our Mission

To identify value-add practices and retaining more profit back to rural communities through funding programs that assist the poor and other marginalized communities through economic strengthening,capacity building,vulnerable children support while playing a role in advancing social change.

  • Empowering the community on self economic independence through awareness, sensitization, training, workshops,seminars and capacity building.
  • Enabling the youth to access resources to build upon a FOUNDATION of self respect and as they progress through the program they will be aligned with mentors to assist in their development.
  • Advocating for providing inclusive Early Childhood Development, education, and housing to special needs children, orphans, and vulnerable children in the marginalized communities in Turkana.
  • Empowering Girl Child and Women Against Domestic Violence through Peace and Reconciliation.

Our Vision

Empowering, improving food security and health by strengthening the food system, in marginalized communities through relief programs,women, youth economic empowerment, vulnerable children support and elderly care.

“Our Strength”

Economic empowerment is a key cornerstone of our approach to providing sustainable long-term solutions, which will truly endure. By helping people gain the skills and experience they need to secure economic independence, we are permanently breaking the cycle of dependency that has for so long robbed individuals and communities of the chance to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.


We’re working to teach the next generation to appreciate and protect the natural world. Every donation helps us bring the gift of nature to more students across the United States. Will you help us make our vision a reality?

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