The Gen Foundation

David, Benson and Stellah Founders got the idea for The Golden Eagles network Foundation at Lodwar Turkana County in 2018.

David is I am a researcher and a volunteer in the marginalized community. I was born from a humble background that has prompted into advocating for the less fortunate and the marginalized groups. I am dedicated in serving in the rural communities by empowering and strengthening their capacity. I have vast experience in networking,community development and involvement projects for the last 10 years. Being from a humble beginning it’s my desire to offer my expertise in the community through economic strengthening and networking.

“Benson is a researcher, a mentor,  Social Mobilizer and Environmental Justice advocacy based in Kenya. From 1998 to date he has been Researching and Developing in the community as a volunteer/mentor towards empowering sustainable communities through poverty Eradication, HIV/AIDS, Community Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Environment Conservation, Renewable Energy and IT support, towards a friendly digital world environment. He has vast experience in founding and mentoring different FBOs, CBOs, Companies, Schools, Youth Groups, Women Groups and Self-Help groups in the rural villages. I do believe and trust that I will use the skills and experience I have gained to positively contributing to our ecosystem and sharing my talents, expertise, and empathy with other experts”

We are a private Foundation that holds a deep love for humanity and understands that current socio- and economic systems must be fundamentally transformed to ensure the well-being of all. We hold the firm belief that we, as humanity, have the ability and responsibility to create a world of equal opportunity and fulfillment, enabling personal and financial abilities that will at the very least provide for basic necessities for their families.

We believe it is time to completely rethink how we engage in education and community development & involvement – and how we do business – as current models do not respect or encourage the idea of individual expression, freedom and abundance.

After many years of conscious The Gen Foundation have a lot of valuable insights to share with the world. We have become ambassadors for positive social change, and support and promote initiatives that amplify and deliver new paradigms within our socio- and economic systems.

As supporters of entrepreneurship in the community we serve, we operate across multiple sectors internationally, always from a unique place of receptivity. In all we do, we look to be humble, mindful, flexible and ready to evolve and adapt, listening deeply to what is actually required – always trying to provide unencumbered honest feedback and guidance.

“Starting The Gen Foundation and connecting more volunteers and well wishers with marginalized communities, women, youth and the needy has been a life-long dream. I’m so grateful for the support of our communities for joining this important effort. Thanks to dedicated sponsors, donors, volunteers, teachers, generous supporters and caring parents, we’ve been able to touch so many lives and make a lasting impact. I can’t wait to see how much this organization grows over the next decade, and I look forward to seeing our talented volunteers become the next generation of teachers, researchers, lawyers, community workers, environmentalists and scientists.”

– David Founder.

Growing our Team

As The Gen Foundation grew in popularity and our programs were filling quickly, it became time to grow the team. Team of volunteers, professionals and expert joined us in 2018, bringing a strong love of the outdoors, community development, involvement and environmental education to the organization in addition to experience with fundraising.   This year, we were excited to bring on Micheal as a full-time youth educator, mentor and facilitator that has helped us to develop new curriculum and build partnerships with organizations, institutions, schools and development partners across the country. Learn more about the team.

Partnering with The Gen Foundation:

The Gen Foundation has been fortunate to collaborate with organizations, volunteers, researchers, interns and professionals to deliver programs about community development and involvement. Over time, Well wishers and volunteers have become integral parts of The Gen Foundation community, even becoming board members and donors. As we’ve expanded into new groups and locations – with a goal to hit 40 groups by 2022 – so has our impact on our development programs across the country. If you’d like to see our programs in a park near you, please contact us!

Working with Community Development and Schools

Starting with David, Benson and Stellah Founders, we’ve always made it a priority to work with local communities, leaders, volunteers, teachers among other key stake holders in order to identify opportunities to grow our programs and offer a chance for volunteers in need to experience the marginalized communities. Once global climate change prevailed, we quickly found that there was much more demand than we had a need to support local communities by empowering them economically. Thanks to our board leadership, The Gen Foundation has continued to fund raise to help keep pace with the needs of our organization’s staff and administrators. Are you an educator, community development, a researcher, innovator, fundraiser or posses any relevant skills that wants to get involved? We’d love to meet you!

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