The Gen Foundation runs several programs in the rural communities. Each program is led by a certified program coordinator and experienced community mobilizers. Our volunteers also have a chance to learn from community, experts and also a chance to share their experiences. The incoming volunteers are offered a wide range of programs from which they can choose from.

Economic Empowerment

Micro enterprise Development Program

  • The Feminization of Poverty in Western Kenya
  • How Volunteer Kenya Helps Empower Women in Rural Communities
  • Moving to a More Sustainable Type of Assistance
  • Benefits and Impact of the Program
  • Volunteering
  • Types of Micro enterprises

The Feminization of Poverty in Turkana Kenya
Women represent 70% of those people worldwide who live in absolute poverty. In the rural areas of Western Kenya , thousands of women live on less than $2 USD per day. With the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS, thousands of women are becoming widows and are now trying to support themselves and their children on this income, without the assistance of a husband and his associated income.

The social structure within Kenya is such that women are often defined only as mothers, a role which maintains job segregation and low wages.

Basketry and artifacts women enterprises

The United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM) reports that profits made by women in business, as opposed to men, are much more likely to benefit entire families, as the funds are used to purchase food and other health-related supplies rather than the consumer goods which men are more likely to purchase. For this reason, Volunteer Kenya sees the empowerment of women as essential to help alleviate the over-all poverty levels in the country as a whole but especially in the rural sectors of the Western province.

It is very common in western Kenya for women to form communal groups to support member needs through group loaning, merry-go-rounds, and general mutual support. Since these groups are already formed, they are the ideal basis on which to start a micro enterprise business. The groups are well-organized with executive committees, written rules, and monthly meetings. They are made up of hard working women with vision and determination, but they lack one very important tool…capital.

Youth Empowerment

The youth empowerment program hosts volunteers for youth empowerment and capacity building in Kenya. Participants use the great outdoors in the rural communities by taking weekly, 2-hour trainings, workshops and seminars in the community. The youth empowerment is currently offered in 20 different youths groups – contact us for placement information!


Teaching Volunteering at the Golden Academy
Volunteering at The golden Academy is one of our most exciting and rewarding volunteering experiences. Our local staff of Kenyan teachers is always very excited to have new volunteers join them in the classroom. Volunteers are able to teach alongside our trained staff of local teachers in their choice of Grade 1 through Grade 8. If volunteers have a particular knowledge in a certain subject area (such math, geography, or science) they are encouraged to focus their experience on teaching those subject classes. Most of our volunteers have been college or graduate students who are Education majors and are looking for a once in a lifetime experience to teach at the grassroots level in rural Africa .

The Golden Academy pupils in classroom.

We have also had numerous volunteers with non-teaching backgrounds. Volunteers have included homemakers, lawyers, retired professionals, businessmen/women, etc.  The main requirement is a love for children and teaching, and a desire to be a part of a dynamic and interactive classroom environment.

We have also had adult volunteers who were or had been teachers in their home countries. We even had a family of four come to volunteer and the wife taught at The Golden Academy, the two young children attended class at The Golden Academy, and the husband worked on the various other Volunteer Kenya programs.

Empowering Girl Child and Women

Early pregnancies for the adolescents girls resulting from stigmatization by others,early marriages and school dropouts. Due to the stigmatization from their peers they shy away from going back to school. Turkana County being among the marginalized communities is faced with poor infrastructure and resources to empower the girl child to acquire education and other physiological needs support.

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