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The Gen Foundation Eco volunteering program is tailored for individuals to gain practical experience in the field of ecological conservation and primate. The scope of Kenya’s many National Game parks is vast, encompassing some amazing natural landscapes and flora and fauna, including endangered species. Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people through low impact tourism enterprise Visitors can experience unique landscapes, diversity of wildlife and the different rich culture culture. Campsites also act as education hubs where tourists and locals exchange scientific and indigenous knowledge, leading to conservation innovations.

If you love nature, forestry, or veterinary work, volunteering with The Gen Foundation will be an exceptional experience. You can come as part of organized foreign volunteers, as a foreign student, or as an individual international volunteer and interact with the wildlife officials and the animals, where you will work on conservancy efforts and rescue initiatives for endangered species.

Maasai Cultural Manyatta

Maasai Cultural Manyatta is a community project initiated by local women to preserve the rich cultural and historic heritage of the local Maasai people. This ecotourism facility is constructed using local and traditional materials. Their mission is to provide a unique and authentic experience for visitors while fostering respect and understanding of the local environment and culture

Maasai Cultural Manyatta provides guided ecotours, Maasai cultural experiences, and affordable accommodations. The Manyatta was initiated by local Maasai women to provide a unique and authentic experience for visitors while fostering respect and understanding of the local environment and culture. It is located in the stunning wildlife-filled Laikipia plateau, near Mt. Kenya

The area has beautiful views of Mt. Kenya and the Laikipia plains. The neighboring community – owned Wildlife Conservancy is home to a variety of wildlife. The Manyatta activities bring together research, experience, lives, and knowledge of Maasai communities living within a dynamic and challenging landscape. The Manyatta offers many activities, including the opportunity to watch traditional Maasai dances and ceremonies, listen to Maasai songs, visit the breath-taking nearby Mukogodo Forest, or the opportunity to embark on a bird watching tour led by a local guide. All proceeds go directly to the community and are utilized for the benefit of sustainable development and poverty reduction


Unwind and relax while experiencing wildlife, nature and Maasai culture in a unique way! The Manyatta offers many activities including birding/plant/nature tours, visiting the breathtaking Mukogodo Forest and the opportunity to participate in Maasai dances and songs. Below are some additional opportunities offered to Manyatta visitors. 


Experience the traditional life of Maasai women. Enjoy dances and songs, find water, and learn how to bead. Learn about men’s traditional activities including making fire with sticks, playing bao, and fashioning arrows. Participate in a goat roast with songs and stories around the campfire.


The Maasai way of life revolves around cattle. Livestock Pastoral ism has been an important adaptation to the savanna environment. “Walking with Livestock” allows visitors to learn about Maasai herding techniques. This is a hands-on experience and one of the highlights of the Manyatta visit.


Learn about the women’s new efforts for income generation and conservation, including cultivating aloe for lotions and cosmetics, bee-keeping for honey, a kitchen garden, and restoration of the land and river. 


Take a guided walk among a troop of baboons and learn about these amazing primates. By contrast to other primates, baboon troops are filled with active, smart monkeys who practice sophisticated politics in their daily lives. What happens when smart baboons meet their smart human cousins? Truly a unique and exciting experience.


The landscape tells the story of how cattle, people and wildlife have interacted in the past using the same savannah resources. Touring the landscape allows you to see the ways in which each member of the human/wildlife community shapes the world for the others


Join us for an exclusive adventure wildlife conservation projects in Kenya! Guided by our world-renowned scientists and community leaders, you’ll experience wildlife off-the-beaten-tourist-track, visit projects and people in diverse and stunning ecosystems and learn first-hand how ACC innovations are shaping the future of conservation. You will also experience one of the most magnificent wildlife spectacles on the planet – the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara

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