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Economic Empowerment

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•We work with communities, groups and individuals to provide training, education and on-going support across a variety of areas within the remit of Economic Empowerment.
•We help to facilitate the development of micro-enterprises (eg. agriculture, agribusiness) through the provision of start-up finance, materials (e.g. goats, poultry, mills) and business training.
•We provide training on proposal writing, fundraising and marketing, connecting groups with suitable markets for their produce and skills.
•We expand and extend project management skills and entrepreneurship through the provision of training in financial resource management and the establishment of revolving community funds.
•We also identify and engage other sources of long-term funding and support and we train community groups in how to access funds and grants to the best effect and with greatest relevance and benefit to the community.

We have expanded diverse types of agricultural infrastructure helps the region capitalize on emerging opportunities related to the burgeoning food economy and address important community objectives such as retaining more food dollars in the local economy; improving food security; reducing food waste; providing alternative opportunities for young and new farmers; and keeping valuable farmland in production. Rebuilding the mid-scale agricultural infrastructure that had previously existed

We conduct a survey on the last day of every class we teach. Check out our results below.

88% of community members reached say they have a new appreciation for nature.

52% want to participate in more than one of our programs.

86% of volunteers want to major in a field related to the community development and involvement.

100% want to come back to The Gen Foundation after completing the program.


We think our programs are awesome! But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below are a few testimonials from past volunteers and their friends and parents. Contact us to share your testimonial today.

“I really appreciate and value All the efforts made by The Golden Eagles Network Foundation. I learned a lot while gaining more experience. I recommend for anyone who have the urge to experience more of this travel adventure in Kenya!! I have had a lifetime experience in Africa! Kudos and keep the fire burning. Cheers.”

– Erick Ferantte Volunteer Student USA.

“My son Jason participated in the The Gen Foundation volunteer program and still wears the Volunteer recognition badge he was given around the house. When we visited The Gen Foundation as a family, Jason spouts all sorts of knowledge about community development, nature and the cultural exchange experience. It’s amazing what they are able to host our children!”

– Jason Parent

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