Youth Development

Economic life skills empowerment

Early pregnancies for the adolescents girls resulting from stigmatization by others,early marriages and school dropouts. Due to the stigmatization from their peers they shy away from going back to school. Turkana County being among the marginalized communities is faced with poor infrastructure and resources to empower the girl child to acquire education and other physiological needs support.

Girl Child and Women due to cultural background from my community women and girl child are neglected and despised thus feeling left out and discriminated which results to frequent misunderstanding and domestic violence. It is so important that we advocate for gender equality,capacity building through peace and reconciliation. Mostly men and boys are the ones who look down upon women and girls thus rendering them inferior.They were very curious and interested to come up with a follow up through regularly meeting,creating peace and reconciliation across the County as a strategy to creating awareness. Since it deprives women and girl child their rights it was inevitable that an intervention has to be created and a need to mobilize the available resources to make this happen. Through networking and collaboration with the like minded stake holders, this will create a favorable platform for the women and girl child to express their fears and the pain they under go. Also by partnership formation and outreach efforts through media platforms i.e social media,print media and radio/TV

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