Teaching Volunteering at the Golden Academy
Volunteering at The golden Academy is one of our most exciting and rewarding volunteering experiences. Our local staff of Kenyan teachers is always very excited to have new volunteers join them in the classroom.

Volunteers are able to teach alongside our trained staff of local teachers in their choice of Grade 1 through Grade 8. If volunteers have a particular knowledge in a certain subject area (such math, geography, or science) they are encouraged to focus their experience on teaching those subject classes. Most of our volunteers have been college or graduate students who are Education majors and are looking for a once in a lifetime experience to teach at the grassroots level in rural Africa .

The Golden Academy pupils in classroom.

We have also had numerous volunteers with non-teaching backgrounds. Volunteers have included homemakers, lawyers, retired professionals, businessmen/women, etc.  The main requirement is a love for children and teaching, and a desire to be a part of a dynamic and interactive classroom environment.

We have also had adult volunteers who were or had been teachers in their home countries. We even had a family of four come to volunteer and the wife taught at The Golden Academy, the two young children attended class at The Golden Academy, and the husband worked on the various other Volunteer Kenya programs.

Program Highlights

The students at The Golden Academy begin learning English in pre-school and by Grade 4 have very good English skills Therefore, knowledge of Swahili is not needed.  Although only trained teachers and Education majors will be given the opportunity to teach unsupervised, the local teachers always welcome a helping hand and will assign tasks that are appealing to individual. Volunteers are able to contribute on whatever level they feel comfortable

Openings for volunteer teachers at The Golden Academy are year round except for the following time periods when the school is on break: April, mid November to second week in January, and August. The students are off for two weeks during April and August and so we prefer volunteers not to come during these months. However, if you really want to come during April or August, you could work in one of our other volunteer programs during the 2 weeks that the students are off from school.

Additionally, we offer teacher volunteering opportunities in schools and other institutions within Turkana Kenya from grade schools to high school. This arrangement can be done before departure or on arrival at The Gen Headquarters.

The Golden Academy pupils in outdoor session.

Sponsor a Child’s Education
In a separate project, before the introduction of first and second grades at The Golden Academy. This includes the cost of uniforms, books, school supplies and other fees. Funds were collected to cover the first year.

That is the beginning of our “Sponsor a Child’s Education” program. Now that The Golden Academy is expanding, this program allows a student to attend the school and have all related costs covered. This includes uniforms, books, school supplies, a hot lunch, and transportation to/from school for those who live to far to walk alone. Hopefully, if this program becomes a success, The Golden Academy will never again have the daunting task of turning away a child whose only desire is to learn.

The school fees we collect from the students are never enough to cover our costs of operating the school. The vast majority of our students cannot afford to pay the school fees that we are forced to charge in order to properly run the school. Therefore, we rely on the continued support of several past volunteers groups to help with our yearly running costs, as well as support from the Sponsor a Child’s Education program. Below is a summary of the Sponsor a Child fees for interested donors.

Support this program:

We are also happy to accept donations towards school equipment, supplies, or teacher’s salaries. The school is always in need of notebooks, paper, folders, pens, pencils, teaching materials, etc. We are also hoping to build a computer lab at some point in the future. All school supply donations can be shipped directly to:

The Golden Academy
P.O. Box 254759996674
lodwar. 30500. Kenya
East Africa. Tel: +254 700536050
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